jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

On how to find humanity:

Imagine yourself in a wild, natural environment, trees and rocks wherever your sight chooses to stop by, huge groups of flowers of the season waving with the wind and the stealthy presence of little animals all your senses but your guts are actively denying.

Now focus your attention on the highest peak of that far away mountain range, and feel how your mind zooms in, rapidly projecting yourself into that particular place, filling the details with close-ups from things you enviosioned earlier, as if you were now effectively in that exact spot, with the addition of a particular feeling, like if you were floating there, not really touching the ground.

Somehow, as far as you can tell you are now in that highest peak, in an identical scenario to the first one,

Smelling the same scents,

Feeling the same enjoyment,

Spoting the same groups of trees,

Watching in awe, far away, the same mountain range, with an identical highest peak, where you are starting to project yourself by now, in an ethernal, magical looping tunnel of beauty.

Now that you are there, constantly moving forward in this tunnel, I want you to look in detail everything you spot on the way, and tell me:

Do you manage to see any right angles?

If not, go on and start changing aspects of the scenarios you pass by, introduce some things and erase anothers, start analysing every little aspect of every little thing that you imagine, as long as there are no human created objects or previous human alteration of the environment.

Are there any right angles yet?

If not, do it now for real, go to the closest place from your actual position where nature reigns over man and focus on every object and thing. Ask them the question: have you any right angle?

Even if you are traveling in a bus or train, you can look outside and trace all the right angles you see, then ask yourself: is this one produced by man?

You should start feeling so weird but so good in a brief moment, curiosity filling your mind on the matter of the right angles, your head working totally on a single matter at an amazing speed you can only try to measure by the number of images that flash in your mind one after another, like an incoherent film that somehow gets the message across.

Mission accomplished yet?

I doubt it, and I state this:

You are not able to see any right angles in nature, for they are not existant.

If you find any right angle, rejoice youself, for you have found humanity.

Now go on, prove me wrong.

(Without Googling up the direct answer, you cheating bastard)

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