lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Hovering bulbs.

Close your eyes, turn off all the exterior lights, natural and artificial, so you can really find your own.

Familiarize yourself with it... doesn't feel funny that you have to take time to understand something that is a part of you?...

Once you are certain of what you see, play with it, turn it around, twist it, magnify it, let it grow larger and larger, bigger, more powerful than ever before.

With the eyes still closed, start turning on the rest of lights again, one at a time, as you may want to leave some of them off.

Finally, lift your lids again, and feel the brighty lights twinkling all around you, vibrating in the same wavelength...

Isn't amazing to feel all the lights in harmony, that harmony you just created?...

Good night.

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